Should you Buy a Sponge Mattress?

Published: 24th March 2011
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When you are looking online for mattresses there are many different configurations and makes and models available for you to think about. When you look online for a new mattress you can look at a wide range of different mattresses all within a fingertip and mouse click reach. These online websites offer a look at many different quality design and construction so that you have a wide range of mattresses to compare.

One of the choices you can look at is called a sponge mattress. A sponge mattress is not made from that kitchen sponge material that you use to wipe you sink down with but this sponge mattress is made of a sponge like foam material. It may be entirely made up of this material or it may be layered with another type or two of different foams to comprise the entire mattress.

A sponge mattress is considered to be a cooler mattress to sleep on because it is made up of many small air pockets that let air flow through the mattress. It is also coated with a fire retardant so that it is also safe to sleep on. This mattress material is also antimicrobial and resists mites. The latex foam if that is what makes up the bulk of this mattress is resilient and breathable. It also has no innersprings to deal with so you can place it right on an existing box spring or wood slated bed frame.

This mattress may be made from different types of foam which includes a natural latex which is also antifungal. Latex is a resilient and long lasting product from which mattresses are made. It is naturally clean and supportive. Another form of sponge mattress is made from urethane which is a synthetic material made from petrochemicals and it is not as long lasting as natural latex. Some of these mattresses are layers of different foams laminated together depending on the manufacturer and of course the price point.

If you are considering a new mattress you have this one to consider plus you should also consider the traditional mattress like an innerspring mattress. Each different mattress has it positive points and its negatives and much of the choice is a very personal one. Much depends on how long you spend in bed and the different activities that take place there. You might be a person who spends hours on Sunday morning reading the paper and doing jigsaw puzzles on it so you would need one that is firm enough to hold all of these things and not jiggle each time you move. You may be invaded by small children and dogs or cats each morning so you would need a mattress that can contain all of these and you are one time. And of course you have to consider your mattress budget. In most cases you should buy the best mattress that you can afford when you purchase one because you will be spending almost 3000 hours sleeping on it at eight hours per night.

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